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(By Jonathan Swan,Axios,2018-9-24)


消息人士说:针对中国的攻击计划既有言论也具有实质性,由“政府部门”参与,包括白宫(由国家安全委员会高级官员领导)、财政部、商务部和国防部。一位白宫官员告诉我,“我们不仅把俄罗斯视为坏蛋”,坏蛋 “是俄罗斯和中国”。



消息人士说,美国政府已经整理了大量数据,以支持其对中国的指控, “我们将公布中国人如何渗透美国,以及我们正在采取的应对行动。”

消息人士还说,此一行动的幕后“推动力来自国家安全部门”, “网络盗窃问题更频繁地出现在总统的每日简报会上”。


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Jonathan Swan Sep 23

The Trump administration's secret anti-China plans
Illustration: Lazaro Gamio/Axios

The Trump administration is planning to launch a major, "administration-wide," broadside against China, according to two sources briefed on the sensitive internal discussions. These sources, who weren't authorized to discuss the plans with the media, told me the effort is expected to launch in the next few weeks.

What we're hearing: The broadside against China — which is planned to be both rhetorical and substantive — will be "administration-wide," including the White House (led by senior officials on the National Security Council), Treasury, Commerce and Defense. "We're not just going to let Russia be the bogeyman," one White House official told me. "It's Russia and China."

The White House plans to unveil new information about China's hostile actions against America's public and private sectors, and to act on it.
Administration officials will call out China for its "malign activity" in cyberattacks, election interference and industrial warfare (e.g., intellectual property theft), an administration source told me.
The administration has marshaled tons of data to support its charges against China. "We are going to show how the Chinese have infiltrated the U.S. and what we are doing to counter it," the source said.

Behind the scenes: "The push is coming from the national security apparatus," the source added. "Cyber theft has been appearing more often in the PDBs [President's Daily Brief]."

The unknowns: Neither administration official explained why the administration is pursuing this now. China has been an aggressor on trade and cyber issues for years, and the Trump administration has started a trade war with the country. At the same time, Trump has maintained cheery rhetoric toward President Xi Jinping in hopes of cooperating on some issues.

The extent to which Trump will lead this rhetorical push isn’t clear. But he's green lit it, according to a source familiar with the planning.
There's a good chance Trump will keep saying positive things about Xi to protect their relationship, delegating the hottest rhetoric to China hawks like Peter Navarro.



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